Equipment & Services

All A&J equipment is maintained directly through service agreements from the manufacturer. Socket adapters for fine pitch devices are purchased from authorized suppliers of our programming vendors.

We provide redundancy in our products and systems to enable flexibility and minimize down time. Contact Us for pricing and quotations, or use our first article request form to submit your requirements to us via email.

Programming Equipment

Programming Equipment
Automated Handlers FLD/FPGA/Microprocessor Programmers Memory Programmers
(2) Exatron 3000BL (3) B.P. Micro 1200 (15) Data I/O PSX 500
(3) Exatron 5000 Laser (3) Data I/O 2900 (8) System General Multi-A Pro
Exatron 1800 (3) Data I/O Autosite Exatron 2800 Data I/O Unisite
Exatron 6000 (8) System General Multi-A Pro
Exatron Tray Laser


Package Types

  • Programming
  • Label/Laser Mark
  • Ink Marking
  • Tape & Reel Services
    • Tube to Tape
    • Tray to Tape
  • Lead Scan
  • 100% Coplanarity Check and Inspection
  • Dry Pak
  • DIP
  • PLCC
  • SOIC
  • TSOP
  • WFP